Alternative movie posters and other cool stuffs.

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Kiscsoportos Játékok (Kindergarten Games) is a group of animators and graphic artists who got together in 2013 and started creating, exhibiting and selling hand-drawn movie posters for their favorite films. Aside from having fun and bringing back the old culture of drawn/painted posters, we are eager to get into other projects, like making fanzines/ comic books/ animations/ vj projections/ graphic art etc.
For now, most of the members are from Budapest, but anyone is welcome to join. Just send us a nice poster of your own and be ready to produce more stuff regularly.
Jurassic Park
Aa, you don’t say the magic word!!

Jurassic Park

Aa, you don’t say the magic word!!

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    "Nem Mondtad Ki A Varazssot!" is the Hungarian version of "Uh-uh-uh! You didn’t say the magic word!”
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